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Grove Kettles Featured on DIY Network Yard Crashers!

Sugar Kettle Fire Pit! DIY Yard Crashers
Sugar Kettle Fire Pit!

Grove Kettles officially made its first debut on the small screen! DIY Network television show, Yard Crashers featured our sugar kettle as a backyard fire pit!

Grove Kettles is a purveyor of fine Louisiana style cast iron sugar kettles. We offer a range of sizes from 3.5' diameter up to 7' diameter. Visit our online store today to reserve a sugar kettle for your home! Can be used as fire pits, landscape planters, or water features.

First Appearance:

Season 4 - Episode 2 : Cobble Drive Patio

Apr 15, 2010

Jump to 1:40 to see our sugar kettle in action!

Introduce an old piece for a new fire pit by using an antique sugar kettle shipped in from Louisiana. They build up beautiful stone around the sugar kettle and it's ready for the fire.

Second Appearance:

Season 14 - Episode 13 : New Orleans Crawfish Boil Courtyard

Aug 17, 2015

In New Orleans, Chris transforms Taz and Gumbo's overgrown yard into the perfect place for crawfish boils; he adds a colored paver patio, a cedar pergola, a fire pit, a custom crawfish table, a sugar-kettle water feature,and a unique gate.

DIY write-up on how to build a fire pit using cast iron sugar kettles:

Amazing Glass Flames teamed up with Yard Crashers to make a unique under water fire feature:

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